The Monday Morning After the AECW Quinta Youth Camp


It’s the Monday morning after the AECW Quinta Youth Camp. Our seventeen amazing leaders are propping open their eyes with matchsticks. Our two valiant speakers are in a daze trying to work out what year it is. And our tireless cooks found themselves planning meals for 90 in their sleep last night!

But there’s another feeling that we all have in common today: a sense that it was all worth it.

Every hour of sleep we lost. Every last ounce of strain that our voices endured. Every moment spent trying to understand the humour of Lewis, Dan, and Raul. It was worth it.

In fact, I imagine there’s a third feeling that we’re all experiencing today.

It’s a sense of knowing our own helplessness.

Helpless to bring young people into the Kingdom of God’s beloved Son. Helpless to open the eyes of teenagers to the life-changing beauty of God’s grace. Helpless to bust the myths that satisfaction, identity, hope, meaning and freedom can be found anywhere other than in Jesus Christ.

Yet we hope. God is still in the business of changing lives.

And we pray. The Spirit is our great ally. He draws people of all ages into God’s kingdom. He reveals the gospel of grace. He points towards total fulfilment being found in Jesus.

So we rest. And we look for signs of the Spirit’s work. And nothing would give us a greater sense that it was worth it than seeing these young people following Christ.

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8)


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